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  • 3 Point subsoiler details
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3 Point subsoiler


Ideal solution for ripping terrain. The deep penetrating shanks break up topsoil and shatter compacted subsurface layers. As a result, the air and water are better absorbed throughout the soil, promoting plant growth.

* Equipped with three widely spaced shanks (fixed or adjustable positions).

* Hassle-free replacement of wearable points.

* Optional soil pulverizer: which breaks up clods is available.

* Optional multi-tiller points: rip through terrain by cutting the subsoil horizontally without turning the topsoil.

* Number of shanks: 3

* Shank width: 1-1/4"

* Number of shank positions: Variable Position

* Maximum penetration: 18"

* Work depthness: 20"

* Working width: 85"

* Hitch: 3 point cat.I & cat. II

* Min. tractor hp requested: 90hp 

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About Darong

Hangzhou Darong Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. It is the world's preferred agricultural machinery manufacturer. 3 Point subsoiler Suppliers and Factory. With an emphasis on value for money, our wide range of products comprises a wide variety of machinery to meet the many jobs a tractor owner may wish to complete. Supply Wholesale 3 Point subsoiler. Darong tools are rigorously examined and tested before shipping and have CE certification. Our goods are favorably received by the market and shipped to places like Europe, Australia, and North America. own a manufacturing background in the agriculture machinery sector spanning more than 20 years.

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